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Our courseware is a custom designed virtual reality based off of a real-life business and real people. VLC's goal is to help professors make learning fun, relevant and sticky; which is precisely why we have made our courseware engaging and story-based! As participants progress through their course, they create a 'real history', enabling them to later draw from the virtual experience and make better decisions and positive contributions within their workplace. This powerful courseware offers students a rigorous business curriculum that allows them to acquire virtual work experience in an engaging format.

Each student gets the chance to make on-the-job decisions and see the consequences of their decisions; and because of our story-based approach, students are drawn into what is happening virtually to feel the weight of both their victories and struggles. VLC provides professors with resources to assist with lectures, class discussions and testing. The Dashboard reports allow instructors or administrators to track student participation, progress and performance.


The Basics

  • Management
    • Our Management course offers an exciting experience working underneath seasoned managers from Central Products. You will learn from their experience as well as your own as they guide you through the daily life of a manager in a fast paced company.
      Topics covered include: decision making, planning/ forecasting, setting objectives and leading for results.

  • Marketing
    • In our Marketing course, you will delve into the world of communication as you help to define the products of Central Products to consumers, competitors, and yourselves with the guidance of the Director of Marketing you have the opportunity to help your company grow and see the fruits of your labor.
      Topics covered include: marketing strategy, segmentation, pricing and mass-communication.

  • Accounting
    • Accounting will give you hands on experience dealing with real-life issues working in an accounting department. You will learn how to put together a new system to keep track of funds that had formerly been left alone. After this course, you will be able to see and understand the intricacies of working with company finances and handle it with confidence.
      Topics covered include: handling balance sheets, cash flow, current/long term assets, liabilities and equities.

International Business

  • International Business
    • In this course, you will be working with a seasoned International Business veteran, the Director of International Business for Central Products, Frederick Bairos. Alongside Mr. Bairos and his team, you will gain first-hand experience in expanding a company into international markets. You will learn how to assess the market climate of any given region of today's globalized world and make a plan for how to move forward successfully.
      Topics covered include: intensive focus of the economic alliance around the world today, imports and exports, foreign exchange, and sustainability.

  • International Finance
    • Similar to our International Business course, you will be working closely with the International Business team again in this course; however, your focus throughout this course will be on foreign exchange and maintaining the company's finances. You will learn both the benefits and risks of foreign exchange as well as how to prepare and forecast for those risks in light of the possibility that things fall through in a financial endeavor.
      Topics covered include: setting the foundation of international finance, managing risks, forecasting as it pertains to foreign exchange, understanding and dealing with exposure and financing imports and exports.

  • Import and Export Management
    • The focus of this course is the process of actually transporting goods both to customers and from suppliers of a company. Working with the International Business team, you will learn how to navigate the logistics of getting your products to and through specific channels to those who need it in a timely manner. You will be learning how to successfully execute an import/export plan and ensure that you get paid by your customers.
      Topics covered include: developing both imports and exports, the global market, channels, sustainability, and keeping a competitive edge.

Quantitative Analysis and Information

  • Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making
    • Good, solid analysis is crucial in making clear informed decisions. It is analysis like this that helps to make situations clear for businesses and how things can improve. In this course, you will be diving into the world of productivity and improvement. You will be learning how to gather pertinent data in any situation and analyze it accurately to provide solid insights to decision makers as well as yourself when you are in a decision making position.
      Topics covered include: decision making fundamentals, logical processes, quantitative tools and methods, marketing and finance applications, as well as forecasting in order to make decisions in an array of fields.

  • Management Information Systems
    • In this course, Central Products is undergoing big changes and is in position to grow. Naturally, with that growth comes a change in the informational infrastructure of the organization, which is exactly what you will be helping with. You will be serving on the IT team of the company that is working to craft a custom information system to for the new needs of Central Products.
      Topics covered include: Architecture, infrastructure and enterprise, funding MIS, security and ethics.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources courses is one of our most acclaimed and has been certified by the HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) to give continuing education credits to Human Resources professionals who are currently working in the industry. Through this course, you will be working directly with the Director of Human Resources for Central Products. You will have the opportunity to sit in with her as she researches issues and makes decisions for the company all the while guiding you on how to do those very things.
Topics covered include: the employee-employer relationship, work motivation, group dynamics, compensation and legal issues pertaining to business.

Personal Finance

Ever feel like handling the finances of life seems to be too much? Well, we believe that it definitely can be without a firm understanding of how to handle ourselves and our obligations. Our Personal Finance course is specifically designed for those who wish to learn more about taking care of themselves and how the financial system works. Within this course we have adapted our 3D story-based courseware technology to fit a more game-like theme to make learning these vital life skills more immersive and fun!

Even More

Here is a list of some of our other courses:

  • History of Management Thought
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Business and Culture
  • History of International Trade
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • We will even build a custom course for you!